Dyeing the Chicago River Dyeing the Chicago River

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the parade?

The Parade always occurs on a Saturday. If Saint Patrick's Day does not fall on a Saturday, the Parade is held the Saturday before. The next Parade will be on, Saturday, March 14th 2015. The Parade always steps off at noon.

Where can I view the Parade?

The Parade route begins on the corner of Columbus Drive and Balbo then continues North to Monroe.

When do they dye the river?

We dye the Chicago River at 9:30am the day of the Parade.

Where can I see river dyeing?

The best place to see the dyeing is the intersection of Michigan Ave, Wacker Drive and the river.

What is the formula for the dye?

Just like the recipe for Coca Cola, it's a closely guarded secret! But seriously, the formula has been thoroughly tested by independent chemists and has been proven safe for the environment.

Where to stay? Where to eat or drink? Other Irish Events?

IrishAmericanNews.com has many Chicago Based events, places to stay, eat and drink that cater to Irish sensibilities. They also have timely deals just for the Irish!

Who can I call about being in the parade?

Please contact the Chicago Saint Patricks Day Parade Committee for information regarding parade participation.

What if it rains or snows?

Parade cancellation? Never! Snow, rain or arctic cold, the parade goes on no matter what.

Catch us on TV!

Out of town that day? You can watch the Parade on WLS/ABC 7.