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A bit of Parade Queen History

Stephen Bailey and 4 Past Parade Queens

Stephen Bailey introduces the 1962 St. Patrick's Day Parade Queen along with queens from previous years.

Stephen Bailey and Queens Past

Pictured above, from right to left they are: Patricia Mclean (1961), Stephen Bailey, Mary Traynor (1962), Patricia Kavanagh (1959), and Patricia Kearns (1960)

Dan Lydon and 10 Past Parade Queens

Dan Lydon, Executive Director or the parade for many years, introduces 10 past Parade Queens.

Dan Lydon and 10 Past Parade Queens

Pictured above, from left to right they are: Florence Gallagher-Babusek (1956), Elizabeth Coghlen (1988), Colleen O'Connell (1989), Marianne O'Connor-Nickerson (1966), Dan Lydon - Executive Director, Mary Traynor-Malloy(1962), Mary Ward-Kleckauskas (1964), Laura Walsh-Wienke (1985), Sheila McClowry-Gallagher (1987), Rosemarie Tully-Cononaco (1980), Colleen O'Dywer-Knight (1977), Roseanne Finnegan-LeFevour (1972), Catherine McMahon (1979)

Parade Queen Contests from years gone by

1963 Parade Queens

1968 Parade Queens

1971 Parade Queens

1972 Parade Queens

1991 Parade Queens

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